I just don’t understand
I don’t understand my homework
My living situation
My priorities
And why he makes me feel so worthless


Why do I even feel like this

i dont like to watch the news. i find it very scary. 

geez i sound like a wuss. but i choose not to watch it because what they choose to show and feed us is so…real and terrifying. i know its part of my duty to be up to date with current events world wide but theres so much pain and suffering that the media covers and its so real.

i cant watch people being bombed, beaten, and or killed.

i cant even watch movies where the plot line is so real or could be a real situation because it scares me.

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Crossfit scares the living shit out of me
Plain and simple.
I signed up to crossfit because I wanted to be strong and I knew they would help me achieve that. Little did I know how strong of a community this sport has, how involved my coaches are with my growth with the sport etc etc etc
I went in with my head held high knowing I would be kinda decent at it but i knew I wasn’t too strong.
Now I’m 3months into it, starting off strong with an injury I continue to push through and still attend every class. But the more classes I attend the more I keep learning about the sport and the more it scares me. Not like clowns and the ring girl. But people are so intense about this sport I don’t know where I should be. Do I just continue my 3x a week deal or should I shoot to someday try out for the crossfit games… Is it fair to compare my self and semi be sad when the girl next to me half my size can bench 2x what I can and not be blue in the face.
Crossfit is so intimidating sometimes and I just get a little shy when I have to attend my classes.

Plus I hate push ups because I can’t do those.
Not even one.




Nobody likes a complainer
So I try not to complain


GE scientists are developing superhydrophobic surfaces to keep ice off of aviation equipment and wind turbines. The Slow Mo Guys captured this footage with their Phantom Flex camera on a recent trip to GE Global Research.